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Welcome to Dryer Vent Doctor - The Premier Dryer Vent Cleaners of the Palm Beaches!

Are your clothes taking longer to dry? Is your laundry room hotter? Are your electric bills rising? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in need of the dryer vent cleaning services of Dryer Vent Doctor.

We are your leading dryer vent cleaning service in South Florida. Our expert staff will ensure that your dryer vent is not only safe, but they will ensure it is functioning 100%. With thousands of satisfied customers and our 100% satisfaction guarantee, Dryer Vent Doctor provides an honest and reliable service you can count on.

In just a sort time your dryer's vent can start to clog. Just a little bit of lint will not only affect your clothes dryer's efficiency, it can greatly increase the chance of a dryer fire. With over 15,000 house fires caused by dryer lint buildup, you will keep your home safer and save yourself hundreds in wasted energy bills with the help of Dryer Vent Doctor.




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